UFS_UTILS  1.13.0
UFS_UTILS Documentation


Utilities for the NCEP Unified Forecast System.

The UFS_UTILS code can be found here: https://github.com/ufs-community/UFS_UTILS.

Documentation for Previous Versions of UFS_UTILS

The Utilities

  • chgres_cube - Creates cold start initial conditions for FV3 model runs.
  • cpld_gridgen - Utility to create the Fix and IC files for the S2SW and S2S applications
  • ocnice_prep - Utility to create the warmstart files for OCN and ICE from component restart files at 1/4 deg tripole resolution
  • emcsfc_ice_blend - Blends National Ice Center sea ice cover and EMC sea ice concentration data to create a global sea ice analysis used to update the GFS once per day.
  • emcsfc_snow2mdl - Blends National Ice Center snow cover and Air Force snow depth data to create a global depth analysis used to update the GFS snow field once per day.
  • fre-nctools - Tools to remap data; and to create the geo-reference fields (latitude, longitude, etc.) for an FV3 grid.
  • fvcom_tools - Replaces lake surface and lake ice temperature along with aerial ice concentration generated from the Great Lakes Operational Forecast System (GLOFS) in an FV3 surface restart file.
  • gblevents - Prepares observational prepbufr reports for subsequent quality control and analysis programs.
  • global_cycle - Updates the GFS surface conditions using external snow and sea ice analyses. Updates monthly climatological fields such as plant greenness fraction and albedo. Runs as part of the GFS and GDAS cycles.
  • grid_tools - Utilities to filter topography, to create regional extended Schmidt gnomonic grids, and to compute the equivalent global resolution of a regional grid.
  • lsm_routines - Land surface model-specific routines that are utilised elsewhere within UFS_UTILS. Currently, contains the routines required by global_cycle to perform data assimilation updates to land model states
  • ocean_merge - Utility to determine the water mask by merging a lake mask with a mapped ocean mask from MOM6.
  • orog_mask_tools - Utilities to create land mask, terrain and gravity wave drag fields; set lake fraction and depth; creates an inland land mask.
  • sfc_climo_gen - Creates surface climatological fields, such as vegetation type and albedo, for an FV3 grid.
  • vcoord_gen - Generates hybrid coordinate parameters from fields such as surface pressure, model top and the number of vertical levels. Outputs the 'ak' and 'bk' parameters used by the forecast model to define the hybrid levels.
  • weight_gen - Utility to create gaussian grid ESMF 'scrip' files for use in creating ESMF interpolation weight files.